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  • Legal Research Part of the Paralegal Exam

    01 October 2016 ( #Paralegal Exam )

    Due to the widespread interest of the paralegal profession, competition within the past several years has skyrocketed. Although this industry is expected to continue its positive growth for the next decade, the number of paralegal graduates is also on...

  • Graduate-Level Paralegal Education – What You Should Know

    01 November 2016 ( #Paralegal Education )

    The paralegal field is unique among all others as there is a wide breadth of acceptable education levels. Unlike other professional careers in which you must complete a standard education level, the paralegal industry accepts those with no formal education...

  • Paralegals Working in Landlord and Tenant Law

    01 September 2016 ( #Paralegals )

    In almost every city within America, one of the most active section of the court system are cases that involve landlord-tenant law. The increase in lease provision issues has grown so large that many judicial systems actually have specific courts to simply...